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About Us

Hello, my name is Kris Ausburn, owner / operator at Adobe Ranch. I started farming hay in 2013 on my family's ranch after our custom baler retired. I began by purchasing a small 348 John Deere Square Baler, 5-foot disk cutter and an 8-wheel rake and started farming a little bit of hay. Back then, we hand stacked every square bale from the field into the barn, which was some of the hardest labor I think there is on a 110 heat index day!

I wanted to start making better quality hay, so I started spraying and fertilizing my fields and working to make sure the HP levels were right. After a few years, I started picking up more hay ground here and there, and needed more equipment!


Today, we have all the right equipment to get the job done with a 10-foot cutter and 5070 New Holland Baler. Now I have two Case IH tractors instead of just one doing it all and a larger hay rake and tedder to get the job done quickly. Gone are the days of picking up hay by hand because we added 2 skid steers to the fleet as well as an accumulator to bundle our bales.

When I started farming, we produced 4,000 squares a year and today we do 13,000-16,000 and 300-500 rolls. We sure have grown a lot over the years and we are extremely blessed to help feed so many folks animals in North Mississippi!

In 2022, we started raising locally raised angus beef when grocery store prices increased and quality was hard to find. We provide pasture raised angus beef to families in our community. Everyone loves knowing who and where their beef comes from.

Adobe Ranch Beef & Hay Kris Ausburn
Adobe Ranch Beef & Hay
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